Wavelinx affiliate Terral Telephone Company has been serving rural Oklahomans since 1906.

Needless to say over the last hundred plus years the communications industry has changed but our commitment to our customers has not. We understand your communication to the world is vital.
Today we live in a world of constant real-time information that is sometimes confusing. You know what you want to do but you need the network and support to accomplish it.

In 1998 Wavelinx was started to provide our customers hassle free access to the Internet. Our philosophy was to provide our customers with the support and network for a smooth ride when surfing.

Over the last 13 years the applications and devices have changed but our commitment to providing you a smooth ride has not.

You’ll get no technical mumble jumbo here.


Executive Team


Todd | The President

President of the company and all around great guy. You can find him on his days off planning the next big thing.

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Lance | Chief Engineer

A gifted administrator and everyone’s favorite person around the office, Lance is in charge of…well…everything.

Customer Service Specialists